Ribbon Inspiration

Over the years of printing onto ribbon we've seen some seriously creative uses. In this section we'll try to list some of them and hopefully you'll be able to use it as an inspiration for your own projects.

Wedding trends for 2015
last updated: 19.2.2015

We print a lot of ribbon for weddings and every year we can see certain trends emerging. Sometimes one ribbon colour dominates over the others, other times the type of messages people print changes.
The latest craze is printing logos or custom monograms instead of traditional wedding motifs like intertwined hearts or rings. Wedding planners world wide, together with popular wedding magazines are also predicting that this trend will continue for 2015.
Amongst other things that will be trending on weddings this year is a strong focus on social media, use of #hashtags and a big emphasis on personalisation. 
Recent wedding furor is hiring photobooths to entertain guests. Whilst the job of wedding photographer is still probably safe he should start adding flying drones to his skills as aerial photraphy will be big on weddings too.
We still have plenty of orders for traditional wedding favour ribbon in bridal ivory or cream personalised with gold or silver print, but alongside them there are more and more innovative uses of wedding ribbon. Invitations printed with guests names, ribbon for wrapping around a cake (or a pie), personalised limousine ribbon, garters and ring cushions topped with satin ribbon - all these indicate that personalisation of your wedding will be big this year.

Ribbon for schools and universities
last updated:3.2.2015

The recent increase in orders placed by schools got us thinking that it must be this time of the year again. The time when schools are preparing their cups, trophies and diplomas by personalising them with ribbon and their school logo.

Valentines Day Special
last updated:3.2.2015

When in love, your creativity has no limits - that's certainly what we see looking at recent orders. Wrapping a customised printed ribbon around a teddy bear must be one of the better ideas so far.